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Duration: Dependant on the site location

Price: R1600/pp

Price: $115/pp

Price: £91/pp

Price: €102/pp


The Western Cape’s land diversity is mirrored underwater with the unique position of the peninsula at the junction of two major ocean currents, the warm Aghulas and cool Benguela currents. These currents bring with them large scale biodiversity to the Cape oceans, where the nudibranch hunters and macro lovers will be equally as thrilled those seeking whales, dolphins, sharks and seals. We are the only company running boat dive charter trips out of the Cape Town V&A Waterfront on our pristine 8.5m RIB Boat. Dives sites range from diving with playful Cape Fur Seals, sunken Ship Wrecks, Coral Reefs and enchanting Kelp Forests. Boat diving is for those looking to venture out on the sea and get the full South African experience.

Tour Details

Meet at the dive shop to complete some paperwork and check dive cards. After trying on your scuba equipment, your gear is packed on the RIB and you head off with Ocean Experiences team to the dive site.


Location dependant.

Prerequisites & Minimum Age

A PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization). Be in good physical health. Minimum of 10 years old.

Group Size

Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 divers.

Tour Times

7h30at the shop.


1 x RIB Boat dive. Full equipment rental including 1 x air cylinder. MPA Diving Permit (Marine Protected Area) - valid for 1 month. 1-2 Certified dive guides.  


Gratuity. Hotel Transfers


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Booking Summary - 1 Rib Boat Dive

Number of seats: ONE   R1600   $115 |   €102 |   £91 |

Total R1600

“We had a wonderful time diving with Ocean Experiences. We did the 2 tank dive on their catamaran- the first was a dive navigating through kelp forests where we saw a few fishes, many lobsters, and an octopus. The second dive was a seal dive which was AMAZING. The seals were swimming all around us. One even came within inches of my face and opened its mouth. I thought it was going to eat me! Ocean Experiences was professional and helpful, especially with the gear which, because of the cold water temps, was heavy and cumbersome. HIGHLY recommended company.”


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