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The best Scuba Dive Trips in Cape Town

Cape Town is a scuba diving destination of note, every year thousands of people flock to the Mother City just to dive and explore the oceans that surround it. Adrenalised is recognised as one of the top dive specialists in Cape Town and offer some of the best Scuba Diving experiences in Cape Town. With expert guides who know the world under the water better than the world above Adrenalised are the Cape Town Scuba Diving experts you can trust. Not only does Adrenalised offer Scuba Diving lessons but they have some of the best Scuba Diving tours, adventures and experiences in Cape Town. Here are just 5 of the best Cape Town Scuba Diving experiences offered. MV Antipolis Wreck Dive On 28th July 1977, the Tanker Antipolis broke free from its tow during a storm in central Oudekraal on the Atlantic coast of Cape Town. Situated in a Marine Protected Area this open water dive is one of the more popular Cape Town Scuba Diving experiences. Some experience is needed to dive the remains of this remarkable wreck and explore. This is a dive any diver will never forget and the kelp will forever remain a happy memory. Table Rock Robben Island On the Southern edge of Robben Island Table Rock is a reef few divers secure access to but with adrenalized this amazing dive is accessible and is one of the very best scuba dives in Cape Town. On the right day, this scuba diving adventure can be one of the best in the world, with a huge variety of marine life to explore and even play with. You want Octopus and Seals then this is the dive for you. Sevengill Cow Shark Dive This superb Cape Town Scuba Diving adventure is the perfect opportunity to get up close to one of the most graceful, and even friendly, sharks in the world. In a place called Shark Alley in the Castle Rocks in False Bay this awesome dive is one that will amaze any diver and lover of marine life. Adrenalise have often seen up to four cow sharks in the location they know better than most. The other marine life is also spectacular on this very special dive. Seal Scuba Diving Cape Town Nearly everyone that visits Cape Town knows about the seals. A Cape Town scuba diving adventure with Adrenalised to swim with and play with these amazing, almost cute, animals is one of the most unique experiences Cape Town has to offer. If there is just one Cape Town Scuba Diving tour you experience then this is it. With Adrenalised you will be taken to Oudekraal the seals form part of one of the most amazing things anyone can do… anywhere! Windmill Beach For those looking for a superb Cape Town Scuba Diving Experience where fish can be seen then Windmill Beach is for you. This very safe dive not far from Simons Town is a popular dive among both novice and experienced divers. There is much to explore in this very special dive and plenty of hidden spots where much different fish can be seen. This is what can truly be called a friendly dive. Adrenalised are the leaders in scuba diving and other ocean-based activities in Cape Town and offer something for every tourist.