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Scuba Diving Robben Island

We did it again! Not only do we do surf trips around Robben Island but now scuba diving as well. Our love for uncrowded and untouched surf has now made it into diving. Being the only centre currently with the permits and permission to dive & surf within the 1 nautical mile of the island, we are looking at running trips to surf and dive this amazing world heritage site on both a rubber duck and/or a yacht this coming summer season. I guarantee you not a lot of people can say they have dived or surfed around this island and that's where the excitement of naming, navigating and choosing new dive and surf sites come in. We work hand in hand with SAHRA (South African Heritage Resources Agency) collecting data and information regarding the marine life and shipwrecks around Robben Island. So here are the surf and dive sites so far: SURF Cannon Rock Madibas Left (current name) DIVE Table Rock (Average depth 10m) Starfish Factory or Shipwreck rock (Average depth 9m) more to come..... The photos are from yesterdays exploration dives. Our first dive was based on the skipper mentioning where the best fish were caught but visibility was a slightly green 3m making it difficult to navigate easily. The second dive was based on where they have seen sharks and where we would find some kelp forests. We dropped into about 8-10m viz on a beautiful flat top rock similar to the top of table mountain. The reef was filled with various nudis, cuttlefish, octopus, crayfish, and toadfish but unfortunately no sharks. A quote from Jacques after Dive 2 yesterday was "My best dive in Cape Town by far."