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African Crocdive

So nearly everyone has heard about cage diving with the amazing great white sharks in Cape Town.  A cage dive experience with the sharks is a bucket list item for many tourists and is one of the “must do” tours in  Cape Town.  However, there is another underwater tour that has to be a must for any adrenalin junkie or those who want to face fear in the face.

Paarl is best known for its peaceful wine valleys and wine-related tours. Pretty vineyards tucked up against mountains attract thousands of tourists every year and the tours are all very much the same. The tours of Paarl are not meant to be white-knuckle, fearfully outrageous or even wet, it is the pleasantness that makes the tours so attractive.

However, there is a tourist activity in Paarl that goes against the peaceful and foodie grain that the region is famed for. It doesn’t include wine, it doesn’t include food but it does include one of the most feared creatures on earth. Crocodiles!!

Just outside Paarl is one of the coolest, most scary tourist attractions in the world. It is not a theme park but one of the few places in the world where you can cage dive with real, hungry crocodiles. This is a tour that few people will know about and perhaps fewer will be brave enough to try. Nevertheless, the African Crocdive tour is one of the most memorable tours you will ever go on and one you will never forget or even believe.

The African Crocdive tour is an adrenaline-pumping adventure tour that is 100% safe. All the equipment you need to get up close to the feared Nile Crocodiles is provided and a full safety briefing ensures you won’t get chomped.

You will be able to get up close and observe these feared yet mysterious prehistoric beasts in their backyard. You will feel at ease and in a strange way comfortable as you see that all the thrashing and splashing is quite majestic up close. The African Croc Dive is a Cape Town tour that is unique and something no one will ever forget.

But it is in Paarl, so once you have got up close to the crocs you can end the day with a superb meal and a glass of good Paarl Chardonnay and share your stories with others. Like all fisherman’s tales there is room to be a little creative in your storytelling, but only you will know the absolute truth.

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African Crocdive

African Crocdive is located in the heart of the winelands on the world renowned Le Bonheur crocodile farm. BOOK NOW R750 pp