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Liquid Force Response Control Bar 2016

Liquid Force Response Control Bar 2016

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Core Sensor 2S Kite Bar

PEERLESS IN DESIGN. AND NOW WITH THE NEW S-SYSTEM. LIGHT. DIRECT. SAFE. Your session’s awesomeness depends heavily on your gear. We believe the Sensor 2 control bar system contributes much more than you would think to kite performance. And it’s what you don’t see that makes our bars so unbelievably good. The functional know-how we hide inside and the minimalist design on the outside gives our bars the signature CORE confidence you expect. And the safety features you rely on.

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Liquid Force Fusion

ULTIMATE CONNECTION The Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-class comfort, ultimate performance, and effortless ease of use. Offering a seamless foot-to-board feel, the Fusion features the LF Status Chassis for optimal response, control, and connection. The Fusion incorporates premium EVA shock absorption, ergonomic support, ultra-comfortable seamless straps, quick strap adjustment on the fly, fast and easy installation, infinite adjustability, high visibility color, and is compatible with every single board on the market. World-class comfort. Ultimate performance.

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Liquid Force Fusion X

Featuring all the advanced technology, comfort, and performance of the Fusion, the Fusion X delivers the finest in fit, featuring a high-visibility yellow/white color, and Zonal Adjustment with it’s dual Velcro straps. The Liquid Force Fusion X delivers the finest in fit. Featuring a high-visibility yellow/white color. Zonal Adjustment with it’s dual Velcro straps.

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Mystic Diva Bruna Kajiya Waist Harness

Mystic Diva Bruna Kajiya Waist Harness

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Mystic Legend Waist Harness

Throw away all of the various layers and combine them into one single piece. The Legend is a one of a kind harness which combines simplicity and flexibility. The revolutionary flymold and flyweb give the rider optimal support where needed.

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Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness (Complete)

We are extremely proud to introduce the most advanced harness in kiteboarding history! The Majestic X has been created by using cutting edge technologies and is built around the patented Bionic Core Frame innovation, featuring an unequalled carbon construction!

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Liquid Force Arc Waist Harness

Looking for the ultimate in support and customization? Lets face it! Everyone has a different body shape. The Arc harness addresses this head on with easy fit customization features. Starting with memory foam lumbar support highlighted by an adjustable back support, to the internal pressure dispersing full wrap suspension, comfort is simple to attain. Combine this with exclusive Liquid Force harness features like the single adjust spreader bar clamp, rash guard technology and a pre curved spreader bar pad, you now have the most comfortable harness attainable. MEMORY FOAM COMFORT MOLDED TORSO SUPPORT LOCKING CAM CLAMP SPREADER

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Liquid Force Supreme

All new for 2014, the Supreme harness delivers supreme fit, comfort, and support. Offering a full outline and higher back, this harness delivers increased support, as well as dual safety leash releases, the exclusive Liquid Force Locking Cam Strap, and all of the premium features found in the new Liquid Force harnesses. High Back Locking Cam Strap Pre-Curved Spreader Bar

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Jobe Base Helmet

Lighter than ever, capturing the hearts of water sporters everywhere, this helmet is the perfect addition to your gear. The unique double-layered foam construction adapts perfectly to your head and feels super soft.

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